Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy official first day of Summer, friends! Every year, we make a little list of things we hope to do over the summer, it seems like the weeks fly by so quickly, so it's fun to have a few things mapped out that we want to accomplish. It's fun for the kids, but also as a list-maker at heart, so fun for me!

1. Pack a breakfast picnic & eat it poolside.
2. Create the ultimate strawberry shortcake.
3. Take a trip to the beach & try not to bring too much sand home with us.
4. Find lots of excuses to wear off-the-shoulder dresses (like this one).
5. Go to a baseball game.
6. Have an outdoor movie night.
7. Paint something pink, and not just our nails.
8. Make a homemade pizza on the grill.
9. Work out at least three times a week, eat ice cream at least once a week. #balance
10. Take the girls on a surprise summer adventure, details tbd.

Also rounding up a little summertime inspiration with a few of my current favorites, including the cutest pool float (slightly less outrageous than the swan), a delicious cold brew & new fave sunglasses.

Pink Clay Mask  // Ice Cream Pool Float // Watermelon Slice Napkins // Cold Brew Coffee // Vintage Inspired Sunglasses

What's on your summer bucket list?! I would love to know any fun ideas or plans you might have!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! XO


  1. I love the ice cream pool float! That sounds like a good summer bucket list!

  2. Great essentials ! Love those watermelon napkins :)

    Jillian -

  3. i want to learn how you make these collages SO BAD. and you were rocking those sunglasses like a flipping boss!

  4. Love this! Haha and especially the ice-cream. We exercise so we can eat, right?

    Looks a lot like a list I compiled. Love getting ideas from other mamas with good suggestions to pass the hot summer days!


  5. |I'm liking the pizza part and trying to work on the workout 3 times a week part. Does chewing count?

  6. It is great! Love the exercise ice cream balance!!