Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Sunday night, the fun has been had, memories have been made & now it's almost time to face the work week. We call this "the empties." The lingering feeling of "blah" knowing that tomorrow you won't get to hang out as a family & do fun stuff. It's always worse if there is work travel in the mix. And I imagine for some of you with spouses that travel or are overseas, the empties is probably a very familiar feeling. I think we need more three-day holiday weekends in the lineup. Where exactly do you think I would go to get that put on a calendar? :)

This weekend we spent a fair amount of time in our pajamas, ate lots of good food & of course, blew lots of bubbles "bah-bahs."

She can't contain her excitement & it is oh so cute.

 My brother came to visit us from Iowa, so when we weren't busy blowing bubbles or turning down all of the chewed up food that Harper was offering (she is learning to share...?) we grilled out & hammied in the hammocks.
 Sunday morning, we woke up to a thunderstorm. I kind of forgot how awesome it is to have a thunderstorm when you actually have no where else to be other than your bed. Scratch that. You have to be in your kids room getting them up rightthissecond because the loud thunder woke them. Still, we made the most of it with a yummy, early morning breakfast of sourdough toast (and oh yea, breakfast casserole & fruit on the side).

 The rain didn't stop us though, we had important errands to run. Like getting ice cream.

We gave her one bite of each of ours to see which she liked better. Butterscotch beat chocolate cake batter, but in the end, her graham cracker won.

  Fuscia One-Piece, Hair Bow, Gold Shoes, Striped Scarf from J.Crew last year

The real reason for our outing was to finally go pick out paint for our downstairs bathroom! We saved this little guy as one of the last rooms to paint due to my indecisiveness. I am obsessed with dark paint, so we finally decided on Deep Space by Behr (the bottom color). It is daaaaaark. And I am excited! 

Here's a look at the half bath now. It's to the right of the entryway doors when you walk in & while it is very small, the ceilings are high so it doesn't feel quite so cave-like. I found some awesome artwork that I am going to hang in there using subtle coral & mint accents.  I have my eye on these towels & these mesh baskets as possible accessories!

 We also got a new light fixture (it's still in the box), which is my FAVORITE way to customize & update rooms. I'm so excited to see it hung! Painting sucks, but it's a little more fun on a Friday night with some cold beer & some good music. I also like to paint funny stuff on the walls before the primer goes on. #growuppeterpan

 (You can see the Fireplace Childproofing Cover that we got, it's not that ugly...ish)

The rest of our evening will be spent right here in front of the fire while it pours outside, making lists for the week (why is making lists so much fun?) & getting some online planning shopping in before our Florida trip. Turns out, ya can't wear pajamas or leggings to the beach. Or to weddings.

PS. Not only did Baby Gap get a boatload of new goodies, but today is 35% off your purchase using coupon code GAP35. Jackpot! I wait until sales like this to stock up (like this adorable bow dress for Harper) since I hate paying their normally high prices.
I feel like an extreme coupon-coder.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Day in Pictures

To sum it up, a typical day at home looks something like this. I wake up around 6:00 am (I know you'll think that's crazy, but we also go to bed no later than 10:30 pm each night). First things very first, I brew my first cup of coffee & put it in the freezer! :) I usually try to get my workout in right away, and like I've said, my workouts are no more than 30 minutes. I have time to get started working no later than 6:45 or 7 am.
Harper doesn't wake up until 8:30, so I feed her, we play for a while & then I am back working again by 9:15. She usually plays by herself (all of her toys are brand new in the morning) until she takes her first nap at 10:30. I continue working from 10:30-12:30 while she is napping. We eat lunch together when she wakes up from her nap & then usually take off for a ride in the stroller or wagon for a half hour or so.
When we get back, I typically shower quick while Harper plays in her playyard with some of her other favorite toys. Then we play some more, do bubbles outside, read, etc. until she takes her next nap around 2:30. I work again after that until she wakes up at 4:30. When she wakes up, we hang out in the playroom for another hour or so, I continue working while she runs in & out of her teepee five thousand times. I feed her dinner around 5:30 & while she is eating, I typically pick up & finish working.
Brandon comes home at six & takes Harper back upstairs to play. We do the bath/bedtime routine together & then does the bedtime bottle while I cook dinner. This way, we can eat right when she goes to bed & then we have plenty of time to hang out together by 8:00 pm. We usually both work for an hour or so on our laptops & then wind down watching whatever random season of shows that we are obsessed with at the moment (Dexter, Parenthood, Mad Men, etc.)
Then we are in bed by 10:30. I feel so old typing that, my brothers that are in college don't even drunk-dial me anymore because I would miss their call anyway. #lame

For those of you who work from home with your babies & have emailed me, the best piece of advice that I can give you is to wake up early & to not feel guilty when your kiddo plays by themselves a bit. I used to sleep in until Harper woke up, but I would wake up STRESSED. It's hard to get out of bed no matter what time it is, just know that you will feel so much better getting a head start. Also, your kiddos will let you know if they are bored or want your attention, so if they are happily entertained stacking blocks or chasing the cat pushing around a wagon, don't feel guilty! Take advantage of it! :) I will also say that while we really don't watch much TV in our house, Harper is way more entertained by it when I do turn it on for her for a little while. A short 15-30 minute show or video is enough to hold her attention the entire time since the TV isn't constantly on in the background.
Anyway, here we go.

6:00 am | It's squat day. 140 squats to be exact. Eww.

7:00 am | Brewing it & drawing it.

8:00 am | I like making her food pretty & I pretend that she likes it too.

9:00 am | Playtime begins. Just got myself Harper a Magna Doodle. It's never too early to learn to doodle, but for now, I draw on it & she sits on it. (Magna Doodle)

10:00 am | Books, blocks & Christmas socks. Then down for nap number one.

 11:00 am |  I am sipping coffee like it's my job (it kind of is my job), listening to music & working. From the couch. PS. Notice that we are back to red & white striped straws since Memorial Day & 4th of July are the next holidays on the roster. (I'm dead serious, I actually go out of my way to think about things like that)

 12:00 pm | Peanut butter sandwiches & fruit for lunch.

1:00 pm | Tippy toes. Harper & I make forts, read books & play with Easter eggs. She periodically peeks up at my computer to make sure Noggin isn't on.

2:00 pm | Izzy tries to prove that she can get on her tippy toes too? Harper chases her around for a while then goes down for nap number two.

3:00 pm | Back to work & debating on which color to paint my nails while I'm on my client calls. Spoiler alert: I went with the purple.

4:00 pm | Harp is awake & although it's raining, we need some fresh air. Calls for a quick trip to Starbucks. (Glitter Sandals)

5:00 pm | Still raining so no afternoon walk. Instead, we put blocks in muffin tins & do other fun stuff. Stir craziness begins to set in. Time for dinner! (B. Toys Blocks)

6:00 pm | Hell yes, dad's home! Harper is excited & so is my sanity.

7:00 pm | Bath water is running & maid rites are cooking. I kiss Harper five million times & laugh as I leave the room while Brandon fumbles through Fox in Sox (have you read that tongue-twister?!)

8:00 pm | Beer me. No picture necessary (camera battery is probably dead anyway).

Speaking of beer me, it's Friday afternoon. Time to celebrate the weekend. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beachbound Baby.

We are heading to Florida for a wedding in just a few short weeks. It will be Harper's first time at the beach & I am oh so excited! Of course, I have to laugh at the picture perfect image of beaching it with a baby that I have in my head. We all know what it's really going to be like. Kid eating sand. Everything sweaty, sticky & germy. Pigeon poop everywhere.  People judging me while I try to sip a rum runner with my kid on my lap. Kid eating more sand. Ah, it will be bliss, right?

My favorite part of planning for the trip? SWIMWEAR! I couldn't pass up this adorable colorblock two piece that I found the other day, I put it on her just before bedtime the other night & we were just loving life!
Dad was less than impressed.

Color Block Ruffle Bikini

I am absolutely obsessed with swimwear. I put together a few cute swimwear styles with matches for mama, dying over all of this cuteness. I had to get Harper a fun straw hat too, girl's gotta be stylin' in some shade! :)
Three: Polka Dot Bikini, Fedora, Coverup
And matches for mama for each look!
One: Ruffle One Piece. Two: Eyelet Bikini. Three: Polka Dot Bikini

And dudes. So many cute styles for dudes! A simple navy swimsuit (Like this one shoulder one piece from J.Crew) for mama would be the perfect match for these adorable colorblock cool looks!
 One. Two. Three. Four.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Here are some of the goodies that will be coming along to Florida with us, my new favorite suit & two of Harper's to match. Loving all the neon colors!

Baby Suits from Gap (out of stock), Jeweled Black Two Piece

Swimsuits are my one serious closet obsession. I wore the same pair of Nike Shox for literally eight years, yet probably bought eight swimsuits per year during that time. We do spend a LOT of time at the pool in the summer though, so maybe the cost-per-use rule can apply? :)

Speaking of the beach, I plan to recap all of our beach-bag essentials & road trip activities. Ah, yes, another road trip.
At least this trip is only seven hours & won't require my husband & I to drink tallboys in the bathroom while Harper sleeps in dark, quiet peace in our hotel room. Not that we've done that.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thirteen & Fourteen Month Favorites

I thought I'd follow the same format as the one year update going forward for each month since Harper is changing so much these days! I swear, every day we tell each other that THIS is the most fun age. She is so full of personality, so silly & totally entertaining.

Age:14 Months
Favorite Foods: Blueberries, Pasta, Grapes, Strawberries, Pancakes
Favorite Words: Nice (pronounced Niiiiiii), What's That? (pronounced W'sat), Wow (pronounced Bwwwwwwow)

Favorite Things: 
Footless Zip Pajamas | With Harper literally running laps around the house lately, we are giving up on footed pajamas & hoarding these footless zip PJs from here on out. It's rare to find them, but they are in season right now with the warmer weather, so we are stocking up!
Aden + Anais Security Blankets | Harper has always gotten her security blanket & paci at bedtime only. She loves them so much & I think it really comforts her to have them. Lately she has been almost weaning herself from her paci, shaking her head no when we offer it or at least spitting it out after just a few minutes. She has become very attached to her blanket though & loves it more than ever. I think these are going to be our saving grace for keeping her happy during naps & bedtime.
Melissa & Doug Piano | This was a gift recently & she LOVES it. It is one of the most annoying toys of all time in terms of sound, but she loves to bang on it all hours of the day. It's also the most fun toy to play with together, since she can sit on my lap & we can play music together. (I learned Yankee Doodle the other day & which makes me feel like a total badass).
Flip & Peek Phone | She carries this with her everywhere she goes. Somehow it got switched to the Spanish setting though & I don't know how to turn it back, so it always says Hola! Which she loves. And tries to repeat. But then just says "ah-ahh" & throws it over her shoulder. I love that it's small so I can throw it in the diaper bag too.
Infant to Toddler Outdoor Swing | This is an absolute MUST for spring/summer if you have the trees/porch space for it. It's so fun for her to be able to swing at home instead of having to venture to the park every time we wanna hang outside. Plus they fit up to 3 yrs. of age!
Gold Bow Flats | This brand of shoes is ideal for first walkers (and kids who are always trying to take their shoes of). I wanted something more versatile for cool or warm weather, so I got these & love them. Harper picks them up every day & brings them to me, sticking her feet out for me to put them on. The cutest thing. Plus they come in gold or silver metallic so they match everything!
Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System | I've already professed my undying love for these to childproof doors/drawers in this post, but seriously. They're so great. We also purchased this Fireplace Hearth Cover which in my opinion is the best out there. I actually fell face first onto a stone fireplace when I was 3 & split my head open. It's not the prettiest thing but it is a must have for safety.

Favorite Activities: Wagon Rides. Mean mugging. Chasing the cat (hilarious video here, you'll hear her saying "nice" at the end, which is what we are trying to teach her for how to pet, it is SO funny).
She also loves watching Noggin videos, every night after dinner while I clean up the kitchen, she watches a playlist of Noggin songs & seriously gets so excited. I actually really like the songs, I think they're so cute & catchy. We don't really watch much TV so this totally gets her undivided attention when I turn it on. 

Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes, getting out of the bathtub & the word "no" (we get an instant pouty bottom lip from her & sometimes tears). Go figure.

Signature Moves: Walking with her arms straight out (Frankenstein style) making a Chewbacca gurgling "oooooooohh" sound when she wants something. She also squeals at the top of her lungs & crinkles her nose when she gets really excited. Both are most often heard when I get out my chapstick or we are blowing bubbles.

In addition to the fake laugh, we also now have a fake sneeze. So funny. (short video here)
Mom's Proudest Moment: Yelling "DUDE!" when the cat tipped over my glass of ice water the other day, which prompted Harper to then yell "DOOOOOO!" Thanking my lucky stars that, for once in my life, I actually watched my language. Parent of the month award? Obvi.
Dad's Proudest Moment: Playing "hats" with Harper's food bowls, which prompted her to pick up the cat's water bowl shortly after & dump it on her head.

Have I already mentioned how much this age rocks? :)
You can find the rest of our month by month favorites here.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthday & Beergaritas.

 Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes & sweet comments on Instagram! You all made my birthday so extra special & I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! We had such a fun weekend, complete with a night out (whoa!) & a Cinco De Mayo themed birthday party.

 Chalkboard print available here.

 I ordered Harper the most festive purple one piece, hoping it would get here in time for the party, but of course, no such luck. So she wore her dress from Easter, which is easily one of the cutest dresses in the whole world. She had a blast running around with all the other little kiddos. 

She also had a very momentous occasion during the party, she had her first Frito!! ;) She only ate one (and loved it of course), but unfortunately I can't say the same. Those damn chips get me every time!

I am bummed that we didn't get any pictures of the Taco Bar, it was gone way too quickly, but it wasn't very pretty anyway. We stuck with paper plates & bowls for easy cleanup. Although smashing a giant pinata all over our porch totally defeated the purpose (we opted not to fill it with guac & put candy & mini plastic booze bottles inside instead). But it was a blast!

On to the good stuff. Beergaritas. They are SO. GOOD. I know there are a million names for these & probably even more recipes for them, but this is actually a drink that we started making probably four years ago when I first bought these giant glasses & we had some mini coronas leftover from our Cinco De Mayo Party.

The half-assed recipe goes something like this. Fill your blender 3/4 of the way full with ice, one frozen Minute Maid Limeade concentrate, one squeezed lime (just the juice) & as much tequila as you want. I used probably 1/4 of a regular size bottle of Jose Cuervo for each batch. (See why I suck at recipes?) Blend it. Rim your glass with salt. If your glasses won't hold a bottle of beer, you can just add the Corona to the blender, otherwise just tip it into the glass at the end. This works best if you can find mini Corona bottles! Each batch makes about four beergaritas, depending on how big you want them! :) And you'll want them big. Because they're delicious.

 I think we took my chalkboard saying quite literally & are now paying the price. Rule number one when you try to balance booze & babies... kids don't give an eff if you have a hangover.