Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mama + Mini

Spring is my favorite time of year in terms of clothing. While I love cozy sweaters & leather boots just as much as the next person, cold Fall weather lands me in maternity leggings, old sweatshirts & my worn-in rain boots. Plus I end up blowing all my "fun money" on decorations so I always fall short in the wardrobe department. Spring, on the other hand, has me loving neon, chambray & polka dots more than ever!

Here are some Spring (but still way too damn cold outside) picks for matching your mini! :)

Those sunglasses stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough! I can't wait to see them on Harper's little face. I would almost wear those myself if they came in adult size.

I am also in love with all of Target's Easter decor this year! Have you seen it?! The pastels & yarn are so gorgeous, they would make perfect nursery decorations as well! I picked up this yarn wreath the other day, it is so festive for spring!

I just listed this new Easter chalkboard print in my shop but had to erase the board already for my FAVORITE Irish Toast that will stay on the board until St. Patrick's Day!! :) The poor Easter decorations will only be out for two weeks, holidays this close together make my head spin.
It's going to look like a green-eggs-and-ham bomb went off in my house.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Style: Neon, Baby!

While part of me is wishing it were Fall again already, I am loving the warmer spring weather & all of the bright colored outfits that come along with it. There is nothing cuter than a little waddling-toddler in a sundress!

I am on such a neon kick lately, I am just loving that neon azalea & coral! I also love the bright neon yellow/lime paired with grey. Who am I kidding, I love everything paired with grey.
If you still feel like it's way too cold in your neck of the woods to get in on this neon action, you might just be in love with this everyday jacket - I totally just scooped it up in multiple sizes for Harper! I have wanted it forever, gotta love a good sale price! :)

We finally had some sunshine this weekend so we had to get outside to soak it up. I totally forgot how much fun swings are. I must officially push "build mama Harper a swingset" to the tippity-top of husband's spring to-do list.

Turns out, neither the swing or slide were really her cup of tea. She would rather dig through my diaper bag for some lip gloss & then sit in the grass. Either way, the fresh air was good for all of us!

Dress, Leggings, Jacket (Gap Outlet but similar here & here), Pumas

We are hoping that this sunny weather continues because Harper's one year pictures are this weekend & we are so excited!!! I'm debating whether or not to whip up another smash cake... or maybe just buy one this time. I swear I black out in the grocery store & end up with Publix cake coming home with me either way. Who's idea was it to sell cake by the slice anyway?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Lucky Charms

Whoa. Easter & St. Patty's Day are right around the corner, we have some catching up to do! St. Patty's Day will forever hold a special place in my heart since it was Harper's first holiday AND it was the first night I got to drink beer after she was born! I remember my husband bringing home a six pack of Harp Lager that night because he knew I would lose my shit over the festiveness.

So whether it be mint, lime or emerald, it's time to stock up on adorable green gear for our little lucky charms!
baby clothes for st. patricks day

And of course, if you're anything like me, you'll want in on all of this gorgeous green to match your mini! Scarves like this one or this one would be the perfect matching accessory all month long! :) My scarf obsession gets me every time.

Here is a look at sweet little Harper on her first St. Patrick's Day (her very first holiday!) from last year.  What a tiny little nugget!

  In other news, since turning one, Harper now eats cheerios out of her bowl like a puppy. On the floor, face in bowl.

No clue, we don't even have a dog.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Donuts!

Oh yes, more birthday goodness. Since Harper's birthday was Friday but the actual party wasn't until Saturday, I wanted her to still have a birthday "cake" but didn't want to give her the smash cake quite yet. So I opted for DONUTS!

I initially had planned on attempting to build more of a donut cake, but amidst too much baking & lots of cooks in the kitchen, we ended up with this festive little display instead.

We also wanted a practice round of the happy birthday singing so we would prep her for the party, in attempt to avoid this face.

After staring at the donuts completely cross-eyed for just a few seconds...

...homegirl picked it up & went to town as if she had eaten them every day of her life.

I'm not entirely sure that she took a single breath while eating, in fear that someone may take it away if they realized that she was polishing off half a krispy kreme.

Candles, Headband, Popatu Cupcake Onesie (similar here)

Harper has been one for almost a week already & we are absolutely certain that these have been the best days of her life! :) Thanks again to all of our friends and family for coming to her birthday, to everyone who sent cards & texts AND to all of you, for all of the incredibly sweet comments & birthday wishes!
Harper would like to eat a donut for each & every one of you... as a thank you of course! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

 I still can't believe that Valentine's Day was already a week ago!

Valentine's Day felt more like Christmas morning, as we woke up to all of our family arriving from their overnight roadtrip from Iowa. We were rocking our red & ready to make a festive breakfast for our guests. Harper looks still half asleep here, but the fluffy bed head makes my day. She may also still have been confused about the Happy Birthday Eve song that I came bursting into her room singing just prior to taking this picture.

I know my heart shaped pancake actually looks like a shoe-print, but that's just me being entirely too lazy to use a mold or cookie cutter & free-hand-pouring it from a measuring cup. But I assure you, some of them actually looked like hearts. And they all tasted like funnel cakes because I cook pancakes in oil. And they're the shit.

We shopped for some birthday goodies, did a little party decorating & ate more heart shaped food.

 Typewriter Onesie, Hair Clip, Baby Fringe Moccasins, Fringe Boots
UPDATE: I'm embarrassed to even note this, but my shirt is Crewcuts from J.Crew. I went to buy it for Harper but all they had left was the largest kids size 14.... so I got it for myself. You can find it here.

 Heart shaped grilled cheese bites were a big hit! :) This is so easy because you can use cookie cutters of any shape to make festive lunches for any holiday! I even caught my husband fishing me out a red peanut m&m (even though I typically go for the blue!) because he knew I would want the festive one for Valentine's Day. 
I know, grow up Peter Pan. I seriously can't help it.

More pics to come tomorrow of her actual birthday & the donut cake that she polished off in a hot second. Hashtag, sweet tooth like mama! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Harper's First Birthday Party!

It doesn't seem possible, but our sweet baby girl has officially turned one year old. I can hardly remember what life was like before her, she is our whole world. Time truly flies when you're having fun!

Happy Birthday, Harper Eve! You are the sweetest, silliest, most fun little girl in the whole world. You are so beautiful, your eyes & smile light up the room! This year has been incredible & we can't wait to see what each new day brings with you in it. We love you to infinity and beyond! 

We want to thank you all so much for the sweet comments about her first birthday!! We had such a blast celebrating with our friends & family, and this sweet little kiddo certainly enjoyed herself as well! Her birthday extravaganza was so much fun! I'm excited to finally share some pictures! :)

We went to town with our pink ombre theme & I think it turned out pretty perfect! We had subs catered so that we could put all the focus on the desserts. We had cupcakes, dipped strawberry wafer cookies & lots of pink cake! Little kiddos got to tote around pink paper cups full of cheerios & frosted animal crackers! :)

pink ombre first birthday party smash cake

My ombre balloon vision was not all that I hoped it would be... looking at the pictures now I'm almost laughing at the outcome. 

pink ombre first birthday party smash cake

pink ombre first birthday party smash cake

paper straws

cupcake toppers

Harper's outfit was my favorite part of the whole day!! I worked with some fantastic Etsy shops to help me make my vision come to life & I loved how it all turned out!! She was such a little ham running around in her tutu. Such a doll baby.

After she got to visit with all of the guests, it was smash cake time! She couldn't quite figure out why she had such an audience & the singing scared the shit out of her.

birthday chalkboard

She didn't waste any time, as soon as we took the flaming pink candles out of the cake, she slapped her hand right on top. 

I had to sneak in and cut out a big piece so we could finally see how the pink ombre turned out! I made her cakes myself the night before. I actually just used two store bought white cake mixes for this one & added in this pink food coloring starting with the darkest mixture first. For the frosting, I also took the semi-easy-way-out and bought a big bag of buttercream icing from Publix! I used the same food coloring to make a few different shades of pink & then just went to town trying to frost it perfectly. It was a bit of a mess but I loved how it turned out. It was topped with this edible gold glitter .

She could not get enough of this cake, she smashed her face right into it!

Of course we were all dying just watching her chow down on her cake... and you better believe there were tears when I finally had to take it away. I swear she would have eaten the entire thing if I would have let her! I thought for sure we would be in for a pink ombre puke-a-thon after that hot mess.

At the end of the party, our guests took home mini bags of popcorn & cotton candy as party favors!

All in all, the party turned out to be so much fun & so very festive! I loved planning it & am already looking forward to next year! Thank you all again for all of the sweet birthday wishes to Harper! More to come on our Valentine's Day & Birthday Eve festivities! :) XOXO