Friday, December 27, 2013

Making 2014 Count

Thank you all for the sweet comments on our Christmas pictures, we truly had the most amazing holiday & are rounding out this year feeling extremely blessed. You all have been a huge part of that & hope you know how grateful I am!

Today, I am teaming up with some amazing women to share our goals & aspirations for the New Year. Such a fun way to inspire one another, I hope that you'll join us!

The Hostesses:

Here's how it works:
First, you can head to each of the hostess' sites beginning next Friday, January 3rd to check out their posts. Then, share your answers to one (or all) of the following prompts on your own blog.
1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year & what is your plan for making it happen?
2. Many people chose a word to reflect on, live by or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it & how you plan to incorporate it into 2014.
3. I will make 2014 count by...

You can then link up on any one of the hostess' sites. Our links will be interlinked which means that your post will be displayed on all of our sites.
And if you want to share on Instagram, use hashtag #making2014count.

I hope you all are enjoying the last few days of the 2013! Just remember, the best is yet to come! :) XO


  1. I always get so nostalgic around the end of the year and the coming of a new year always makes me feel so hopefully as to what's to come. This coming year I hope to be a better wife and do more little thoughtful things for my husband and we hope to start a family together. I can't wait to see your post and hope you have a super spectacular New Year's Eve Eve!😄

  2. I love your blog and check multiple times a day for a new post. I feel like the personal touch from your blog has disappeared. There use to be post about you and us getting to know you. I would love to have more intimate post and not so surfaced. I really do love your blog and am in no way trying to be rude so please don't take it that way. Keep blogging girl.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback!! I don't mean for my blog to be less personal, I just sometimes feel like I don't want to be preachy or push the way we parent Harper onto my readers, I like to keep things light & fun. But I certainly can appreciate the feedback & will do my best to bring back the personal touch!! ;) XO

  3. Jessica, this is awesome!!! I would love to participate. Exactly what do you mean by "link up" and how do I do it? :0)


    1. I'm curious too. Just starting out in the blogging arena.

    2. Thanks girls! There will be instructions on the blog on Friday! :)

    3. Thank you Jessica!!! You're the best!!!

  4. This sounds like a great link-up! I can't wait to join!

  5. This is such a wonderful idea! And the three question are also very practical!
    I guess its going to be fun answering them! :) ...
    -Nidhi from


    -diary of a fit mommy

  7. Can't wait to do this! Such a great idea. I love taking the time on New Year's to really reflect on the previous year and push myself to make changes for the better for the following year. Sometimes all you need is a blank slate of a fresh calendar.