Friday, August 30, 2013

17 & 18 Month Favorites

Age:18 Months
Stats: 25.5 lbs. (75th percentile), 31.5 inches (70th percentile)
Clothes: Still fitting into her 12-18 month clothes best, but wearing a little bit of 24 or 2T month stuff as well. I love putting her in comfy tees instead of onesies, such a cute look!
Favorite Foods: Pasta, Peaches, Avocados, French Toast, Strawberries, Ritz Crackers
Favorite Words: Hi, Belly Button (bay-bah), Love you (la-la), Tootsie (too-tee), Eat, Pup-pup
She also says anything that ends with a "k" like "kay!" Like milk is "MILKAY!" & book is "bookay". It is my favorite favorite favorite!!!

Favorite Activities: Playing with Izzy, she loves to snuggle her & try to give her Cheerios. She is  a master organizer, she loves getting things out & putting them all back away, like books, magazines, toys, etc. Playing with all her "makeup" in the bathroom, I took some old lip glosses & body washes, cleaned them all out & put them in a makeup bag for her. She loves playing with them while I get ready.
Bath time is always a favorite, sometimes to make it even a little more fun we bring in some glowsticks! We got a big bag of them as a gift around her first birthday from a seasoned parent (you can find some here) who recommended them for emergency situations like boo-boos or roadtrips, they work like a charm! :)

Least Favorite Activities: The only thing she really hates is when she has to stop doing something fun if it is time to eat or leave. This is where the tantrums come in. Also, not that it's really an activity, but she is terrified of loud noises at this age. Maybe from all the thunderstorms we have had in Georgia, but even the ice maker in the fridge sends her running my way.

Favorite Things
Orla Kiely Books - Not only are these the cutest books of all time, but they are perfect for teaching colors, numbers & shapes to little learners. We love them!
Plush Puppy - My kid is obsessed with puppies. How she knows a stuffed puppy from a stuffed bear or even a stuffed ostrich, I will never know. But she does. And she carries it everywhere we go.
Boon Creatures Bath Toys - We gave up on all squirt toys since they get so gross so fast, these are all that are left in our tub & Harper loves them.
Alphabet Magnets - These keep her entertained for HOURS. She sticks them to the fridge, the dishwasher & all of our tin baking pans. They are hand crafted & totally safe since the magnets absolutely do not come off the back. Also filed under cutest kids toys of all time.
Crayons - You've heard me mention Harper's crayon obsession. She loves to color, but also loves to organize them in her little cups. I buy the extra washable kind in case she gets a little cray with them. Which she does.
Magna Doodle - I actually bought this months ago & she wasn't really interested in it until recently. A little artist in the making! These are also perfect for in the high chair or the car & fun for teaching letters, shapes & numbers.

Signature Moves: Blowing kisses (and saying muah!), pretending to wash her hair & brush her teeth, dancing, throwing herself on the ground & pretending she is going to sleep. She also sings the "whoa, whoa, whooaaa" part of Eric Church's Springsteen. As soon as the song comes on, she will start swaying back & forth singing along to it.
Mom's Proudest Moment: I turned my head long enough for her to put both hands in the toilet. Enough said.
Dad's Proudest Moment: Harper got her very first boo-boo (a skinned knee) "playing basketball" in the driveway with dad. She must have pretty aggressive defense.
Other Milestones: Harper not only sings country music, but is also learning the alphabet! She will sing ABC all the time, sometimes she gets to G. It is the cutest sound in the world!

 Favorite age so far? I think so! She really couldn't be a sweeter, more fun little girl. I look forward to every single day with her, learning, playing & even cleaning up her little messes. Having a toddler can be so totally chaotic, but I love every second of it. I love this little chickie to pieces!

PS. You can find more monthly favorites here!


  1. Love the glow sticks idea!
    Cute post :)
    Life with Baby Sophia

  2. She is such a cutie!!! Great idea with glow sticks in the bath...your a genius! Easton has a puppy like that, I got it from deal eva!

  3. My daughter was OBSESSED with sticking her hands in the toilet at that age. She once managed to get a hand in while at the mall restroom... Yeah. Such a fun age though!

  4. Ok... Harper sounds like the CUTEST little thing! And she has great taste in music -- I love Spingstien song!
    Thanks, you've given me some ideas to try with my son he's also 18 months :)

  5. Too funny about Harper putting her hands in the toilet! Aviana keeps trying to do the same!!!

    A Fashion, Beauty, & Mommy Blog

  6. Those letter are adorable! Are the magnets inside the fabric? And what has been your experience with the squirty bath toys? They get gross??? (first baby due September 12, so I am curious!) Harper is adorable, as always


  7. So cute, so many similarities to A and still a lot of things A has to get to (like the ABCs, but shes 2 months behind), just cute seeing that she loves (and hates) the same things. Cute little predictable, sometimes tantrumy kids :)

  8. so sweet! we have that book too and love it!
    Doesn't she tries to eat the magnets??? I ask you because my 1 year old does hahaha..

  9. Oh my God, glow sticks, what a GREAT idea!! Where do you even find glow sticks? I have to get some!

  10. They grow so fast! She is a doll! When I was pregnant with my little one I received a bunch of squirt bath toys. I know they get gross fast so I put a tiny bit of super glue in the squirt hole and it worked! cute bath toys without the gross. My son is 17 months and is still using them in the bath. They all held up great!

  11. I'm definitely going to have to keep the glowstick thing in mind!!! Great idea!

  12. Eeeeeeek the paint pic makes my little creative heart burst with excitement!!!!!!!!! And darn it I meant to get glow sticks today! lovvvvve this post! :)

  13. Julie Gannon PsurnyAugust 30, 2013 at 11:52 PM

    She is just so precious! We recently found out that the little one we're expecting is a girl:) Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration!

  14. if you use a crafting glue gun to glue the hole closed on the toys then no water gets in and they stay good forever :)

  15. We love doing glow sticks in the bath. It's such a fun way to mix it up. I love the idea to clean out old make up and make a baby make up bag. We will definitely be doing that one in a few months. Great ideas as usual. Thanks!

  16. Soo getting those bath toys, books and the magna doodle. They are so cute (besides being practical and entertaining) great picks!

  17. Harper looks just like her beauty pie mommy! Xoxo!

  18. Harper looks just like her beauty pie mommy! Xoxo!

  19. Such a great idea with the glowsticks! My Harps loves crayons too and she puts them in and out of her cup all day long! I have to get those magnets!!

  20. GO IOWA!!!
    Tammy from Mt. Pleasant

  21. I just love reading your blog... Gives me so many ideas for when Hallie's older... I wish I had been able to document my pregnancy like you had too but my babies were a wee bit of a handful... :) You are an amazing mum...

  22. that glowstick idea is genius!!! I just found your blog recently and love, love, love it!!

  23. Random question...are you still using the Britax convertible carseat? Would you recommend it? Thanks :)

  24. uhhhhhh so I am scrolling through pinterest and I follow Tori Spelling and there tori had pinned HARPER! yes check out that stinkin cool is that?!

    I thought I should let you know....cus like freakin donna from 90210 just pinned your baby....I'd say that calls for a drank!