Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Baby Favorites

 I never could have imagined how much more fun the Fall season & holidays would be once we had a baby. If you remember from posts way back when, before little Harpie Doodle was born, my excitement to "decorate the baby" was overwhelming! Here it is in action! :)
JamesonMonroe Headband, Mud Pie Halloween Skirt/Tights, Gap Halloween Onesie from last season

I believe in celebrating holidays all month long!! :) I have to share some of our favorite Halloween items that Miss Harper will be rocking this season!!

Mud Pie Halloween Skirt Set - Would like this in my size please. I die over this outfit.
Boo-ti-Ful Shirt - Love that it is just black & white so you can pair it with anything!
It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! & Little Spider Finger Puppet Book - Thanks Uncle Zach for the cutest Halloween book (written by the author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)! And the finger puppet book is just endless baby entertainment.
Halloween Baby Legs - Love these for cool weather & to put on with any onesie, whether it necessarily matches or not :)
Mud Pie Halloween Bow - over the top festive cuteness!!
Candy Corn Pajamas - as a compulsive candy corn snacker, I just had to have these!

PS. Have you ever mixed candy corn with peanuts?! You'll never want to eat either alone ever again. It's the most delicious combo EVER. We have refilled this jar three times since September. File this under how not to lose baby weight.

Orange Mercury Glass Owl is from HomeGoods, Glass Canister from Target

While we were in Iowa two weeks ago, we had the most adorable photo shoot of Harper playing in the Fall leaves. She was on cloud nine!! Her face in this pic seriously cracks me up. I swear she was thinking that I was crazy for sitting her right on the ground with access to so many things she could put in her mouth!

And of course, her sweet little boyfriend, Talan! Could this kid be any cuter?! 

These two are so cute together, that we have decided to dress them up (hundreds of miles apart) together for Halloween. May I introduce to you................


  1. Soooo cute!!! Harper and him are toooo cute :) love all the outfits and pictures! Candy Corn and Peanuts combo are seriously THE BEST! We have filled many bowls already at my house too! So many reasons to love fall :)

  2. My family LOVES candy corn and peanuts but we add m&ms too. Delcious! Our little girl is due end of Nov. and I am having so much fun shopping for Christmas things. Girls are so fun to dress up!

  3. omg!! super cute!! love the pictures!

  4. love all the halloween baby items! too cute!

  5. Look at those leggings!! super cute & funky (in a good way) :) hmmm candy corn and peanuts....i'll try it before I judge!!

  6. So cute! I have filled my candy corn/peanut jar 3 times too! My excuse...I am due at the beginning of November with my little boy. My husband stills gets mad at me though ;).

  7. We add M&M's to the candy corn and peanuts too!! If you eat one of each, it tastes like a snickers!! Delicious! What is Harper going to be for Halloween? I am wanting to start my daughters costume. I'm thinking either an owl or a witch! She is 8 months!

  8. Harper has the best clothes -- and that candy corn/peanut mix sounds awesome! I am definitely going to try making it! xo

  9. oh i love fall and babies :) i think we have all of your favorite halloween things too ;) haha

  10. Adorable picture! I love the orange skirt/tights combo, sooo cute!
    P.S. Where is your little glass owl from?!

  11. Those baby legs & leggings are ridiculously cute! Love the Halloweenie books :) We picked up a few a couple weeks ago, B loves Goodnight Goon.

  12. Adorable! Where do you make your style boards like that? Thanks :)

  13. if I had a daughter I would so dress her up in that adorable skirt! you think my husband would mind if i let my son wear it? lol jk Harper looks absolutely precious in all the pics!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  14. Her outfit is so precious, especially the leggings and bow! Totally makes me wish I was having a little girl!

  15. I LOOOOVE Cider Lane :) Such a perfect fall scent. Gotta try the candy corn with peanuts!