Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Brain Ramblings at 34 Weeks

 I can not believe I only have six weeks to go! Give or take... hopefully take. Not that it would matter much but I would LOVE to have a Valentine's Day baby... or even Valentine's Day Eve! I love holidays so much - mainly because it is an excuse to dress extremely festive. So you better believe Little G has a Valentine's outfit just in case. Will share some of her outfits & what we chose for her coming home gear in another post! :)

Speaking of holidays, here is hubby & I on Christmas day.. of course wearing red & green with a festive sparkly belt.

Baby Bump Wardrobe
 I had some comments asking about some of the things I've worn in past pics. My baby shower dress was from Asos Maternity. I was skeptical about it at first, but finally grew into it and I loved it so much. The gold belt that I have been rocking lately is from J. Crew along with the denim shirt from my 33 week picture. Like I said before, most of the stuff I have isn't maternity, just a size up from what I would normally buy. My maternity leggings are all from the Gap. The black sweater & grey sequined tank from my 32 week picture are both oldies from Express. 

The Endless To-Do List
With my baby baking days coming to an end, it's becoming more and more overwhelming to look at the things that we still need to do. Here are a few things that have been overlooked but now keep me awake during the wee hours of the morning.

Pack Hospital Bag
(still trying to convince hubby that I need metallic purple ugg slippers to put in here)
Hang Name Letters, Wall Art & Mirror in Nursery
(will have to be careful when sharing my nursery pics with you all!)
Wash, Dry & Fold 726 Baby Outfits
(beginning to feel like I may have gone a bit overboard)
Write Our Birth Plan
(or lack thereof)
Purchase Remaining Registry Items
(may need to have a bake sale first)

Wellllllll... that is overwhelming enough for today.  I can't even finish my list of things I need to finish. Fail.

Little G's Gear
It's so hard to make all of the big decisions on what major gear to purchase or put on your registry. After reading countless reviews & not getting over the fact that I don't like super "baby looking" items, here are a few of my favorite things that we've purchased. The City Mini Baby Jogger for long trips to the mall and my ambitious plans of getting some outdoor exercise...I am obsessed. The Crane humidifier - which I can absolutely say that I love already because we bought one in white for our bedroom this winter. And the Aprica Play Yard - I just officially cannot stand the look of other pack n plays, although we did get one for upstairs just because of the vibrating newborn napper station and all of the extras that we thought were necessary for the first few months of living in our bedroom.

And our maternity pictures got canceled due to rain so now I have to exchange all of my clothes for the next size up since my belly is growing exponentially. Will be sure to share those as well if Georgia ever sees a little sunshine :)


  1. Love love love your blog!! I am only 9 weeks and can't get enough of reading along on your journey <3 We are going to attempt a cute chalkboard frame like yours... We have a chalkboard wall in my son's room, but I don't think he would be too thrilled about mommy taking it over :)

  2. My little one was due October 29th so I was sure to pack a Halloween outfit in my hospital bag - just incase! Luckily she was born on the 18th and got to rock out in her ladybug costume!

    As for the 726 outfits, you just never know. I was warned not to buy newborn sizes as they grow out of them super fast. Luckily I just bought whatever was cute, no matter the size because Elodie wore size NB til she was 11 weeks and then she just jumped right to 3 months. No 0 to 3 months for my kid!

  3. I agree with the pack n play thing, yours doesn't look so bad though! Cute Christmas photo :) Your list seems like fun!

  4. check out the joovy play's non baby looking also and bigger for when they are older!

  5. Don't feel bad I'm 36wks tomorrow and my to-do list is the exact same as yours! I also have a valentines outfit picked out (although with him being due on the 10th I certainly hope he gets to wear it!) the stroller we registered for is also the city mini so I'm glad bothl our research led to the same thing. I seriously have never spent so much time picking out products before, quite exhausting! Especially when, like you, I don't like things that look "baby-ish." we also ended up going with the slate glider from Babies R Us. It should be available for pick up any day now and I can't wait! My last shower is Saturday and then I think I'll finally be able to start to put everything together and see what's left that we need to buy. Please, please baby stay in there another couple weeks! Haha!

  6. Silly question, but what car seat did you go with? I've been researching like crazy and I swear it's an impossible decision.

  7. Great post! Love it and you guys look great!


  8. I wouldn't be too worried about writing an actual birth plan. I did for my first and then left it in the car and never gave it a thought! Second time around there wouldn't have been time anyway :)

    What I did is made sure that my husband and I both went in knowing how I felt about all the options that would be presented to me so I was confident I wouldn't be given any huge surprises. That way if something had gone wrong or there were any concerns, I knew what options would be likely presented to me. I made sure my husband knew my wishes just in case I didn't feel up to making the decisions myself, if you know what I mean! Ultimately I was happy to go with the flow and I get the feeling you're similar so don't waste your time.

    A suggestions on what to pack in your bag for hospital it would be another couple of shirts for your hubby. I spent sooooo long in the shower with my first (25 hour labour) and my poor husband was saturated from giving me back rubs or adjusting the water temp for me. It was something we had never considered and the poor thing looked like a drowned rat for the 12 hours we were at the hospital before he came.

    And one more suggestion for your hospital bag is toilet paper! I know that sounds strange but if you have a natural birth then everything is a and you will appreciate nice, soft toilet paper rather than standard issue yucky one ply hospital grade crap! I always make hampers for baby shower gifts and a few toilet rolls (and an explanatory note!) is always included.

    Oops sorry for the long post - just I know first time around for me I always appreciated advice from women who'd been there all before.

  9. I've been following you blog for a while now and your growing family is just to cute! Just thought I should comment because my husband was born february 13th but it was a Friday when he was born.
    Good Luck!

  10. i just stumbled along your blog. Fun to see your progression. I am due Feb 20. You look fantastic and enjoy the ride! Your to-do list is looking a bit better than mine. My showe is next weekend - delayed because of the holidays, so there will be a bit of a rush getting the nursery together post shower.

    Best of luck.

  11. Love your blog so much, I look forward to every post! You & your hubby looked adorable for Christmas!! Cant wait to see some more pics of outfits. I am 32 wks almost 33 & still have a LONG list of things to do myself, going this weekend to hopefully get some things knocked off! have an awesome weekend :D

  12. Found your blog a while ago. Today on Pinterest I found this idea to do faux Anthropologie letters...much cheaper! Maybe you can return the real ones and make them yourself :-)
    Good luck!

  13. I have loved reading your blog! I'm 31 and have been married for 10 years and have been very nervous to have a baby. The whole process really scares me but after geting to follow along and hear about all your little ups and downs, you have shed a new light on it for me! You always have such a positive perspective and have really opened my eyes to how special the journey is! We will start trying this month and are really excited to see what God has for us! Thanks for sharing your journey and good luck with your delivery of little baby G!

  14. Love seeing your chalkboard week pictures! I see them on Pinterest all the time. And you look great for being 34 weeks!

    My little girl, Kennedy, is a Valentine's baby. She will be a year old this year. She was due the 17th but I got induced the 14th because of high blood pressure. And she was almost late on Valentine's day, she was born at 11:13 pm.

    Good luck with your labor and delivery. Enjoy these last few weeks while you can. I constantly miss my baby belly. The first year goes by so quickly too so enjoy every single moment.
    Sending my blessings, positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family. God Bless.

  15. You are the cutestest prego lady ever, how do you stay so tan?! Share your secret with us pastey prego women.

  16. ok I need you to get like twice the size you are so I dont feel like such a fat ass being only 28 weeks. Kidding! Loving the blog! I came across really cute baby books you can order and personalize and ordered one for my little girl due April 8 and thought you may would like them!! Good luck in the last few weeks!... celebratory drink is getting very close.. im so jealous!

    the baby book website:

  17. This is the stroller we have and we love it!

  18. I love that you and I picked the same carseat and stroller! :) If only my 32 week body looked like yours! LOL
    Hope all is well with Baby Girl...can't wait to see pictures! I'm 8 weeks away from my little guy coming and simply CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Also, I make headbands for adults and babies and I'd love to send you a few for your little one!! Check out myfacebook for pics!