Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nursery Update & Answered Questions

Happy Hump Day!
Again, thank you to everyone for all of the sweet comments.. I love all of your feedback & advice so much! I had a few comments about how crappy the dresser from Ikea was that I had my eye on (thank you for your honesty!!) so I kept searching on craigslist. So happy I did!! I found a dirt cheap armoire that we scooped up to refinish instead! 

The picture of the listing was small & blurry but I had a good feeling about it. So we drove clear out to BFE to pick it up (where it was totally dark & we couldn't see), paid & put it in the car. Once we brought it in the house & turned the lights on.....

Buzz.. your girlfriend... WOOF!!! I was not impressed. 
It was dirty, rickety, off-balance, white-washed (not painted white) & the main door had some sort of ugly, discolored beadboard texture. After pouting about it over night & telling my husband I wanted to drive all the way back there and throw it back in their yard... we took it up into the nursery & started giving it a makeover. After lots of cleaning, sanding, painting, SAWING 1/2 INCH OFF EACH OF THE BACK TWO LEGS & some new glass hardware... I'm pretty darn happy with the finished product :)

 Of course, I could only find 8 of the knobs that I needed, go figure. I'm sure I'll be hunting down that last knob until the day I'm due.

 Annnnnd moving on.......... some questions answered! :)
In terms of exercising, pre-pregnancy, I was obsessed with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred & Ripped Up Abs DVDs. I was doing them every other day, plus cardio. Now, I totally suck. I shoot for 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week, whether it be jogging or brisk walking around the neighborhood. I also have a small circuit of lunges, squats & half-assed push ups that I do a few days a week. I literally don't the energy to do much more.

 I also wanted to address the comments (did not publish them) insinuating that I'm irresponsible because I reference alcohol a lot. Before I was pregnant, yes, I enjoyed lots of tasty cocktails & beers on the weekends. I didn't mean to offend, I am only being honest in my posts. Since becoming pregnant, I have cut alcohol COMPLETELY & do not plan on drinking again until after the baby is born (and breastfed). I understand it is controversial & probably goes without saying, but I am well aware the effects that alcohol can have on an unborn baby.
And for the record, I also do not plan on eating raw hot dogs, smoking cigarettes or jumping on a trampoline any time soon. No hard feelings though.. I appreciate the concern for the human inside of me  :)

And for anyone who has asked - my maternity leggings are all from the Gap (and they are soooo comfortable & worth the money).

And last but not least - we still do not have a baby name! I'm not 100% sure that we will share it with the world once we do decide... we have thought about saving it until little G makes her appearance into the world. Unfortunately that might not work out since I want to order/make lots of personalized name decor for her room. However, we are DEFINITELY taking suggestions!


  1. I think you will be a great mon, your blog is funny and honest and hey who ever says they did not miss having a drink when pg is fibbing!! Your nursery is looking super cute, enjoy the rest coz it will fly past!

  2. Love your blog!! Haven't commented before but feel compelled to after your post above. One lesson on becoming a mum - you will get know it alls that like nothing better than getting high and mighty on others and can't resist putting their two cents worth in. You come across to me as a really nice girl who will be a wondeful mum. Doesn't mean you can't pine for cocktails!! I had my first baby at 22, it doesn't mean that you have to turn 40 overnight :)
    I so love your style and I'm really enjoying reading about how your pregnancy is going. Keep it up!!!

  3. I am always SHOCKED about how outspoken people are to pregnant woman, as though they are the moral authority all of a sudden. My girlfriend ordered a cup of coffee {after her first trimester} at breakfast once and the waitress asked her if she was sure she didn't want decaf! And it was very judgmental. And another friend was working out and was approached my a woman who began lecturing her about not hurting the baby while exercising. SO ridic. I appreciate your honesty and think it's refreshing! Keep it up lady!

  4. The armoire looks fantastic! I don't know if I would have had the patience for that ;)

    Piggy backing on the previous posters comment, take what others say with a grain a salt. EVERYONE will think that their way of parenting is better than yours and that they know more and do it better. You are the mom and you do what you feel is best for you and baby G. People drive me nuts when they think they are all high and mighty. I had a few drinks while pregnant, but it was red wine and a very small serving...all with my doctors blessing. I wouldn't and never went on a bender while PG so others can just deal.

    Anyway, only YOU know best about your one else! I love your blog and you are doing a great job! :)

  5. Great job on that dresser. And I just love the owl too!
    Good for you on the excercising front - I had to walk downstairs from our 3rd floor apartment today and almost died! NOT KIDDING!

  6. For the record, I told my husband the other day that I wish we could be friends cause I miss nothing more than a good cold Strongbow straight from a tap into a frosty mug.
    Just tell them that they can 'suck it' - Wrestler arms and all.

    PS: Thanks for the Home Alone reference. I laughed out loud.

  7. Unfortunately that is what happens when you're honest in your posts. If people don't like what you have to say, then they should not be wasting their time reading your blog, let alone commenting on it. I happen to love it! :) So keep dropping f-bombs, posting pictures & making home alone references all day long!

  8. Hi! Been reading for a while and I LOVE your blog- so honest and funny! It was very nice of you to address those comments, and obviously you're missing the alcohol because you're not consuming it; so tell them to suck it :D

  9. I just stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest. Totally in love with your chalkboard!!! My husband and I have a 15 month old, Charlotte Ryann. We didn't find out the sex or share our name choices with anyone. Drove everyone bonkers but we had so many friends suggest doing that. Glad we held out. fYI - best baby gear we ever got was a Patemm Pad. Still use it daily!!!

  10. Whatt!! child please!!! I love you and your blog but Im also lucky enough to know you, and know what a fantastic,amazing stupendous mother you will are/will be to baby G!
    She is very lucky to have you guys as parents I have no doubt that you will do everything and anything for her and her safety.
    Now with that said momma needs to a drink too!!!
    MISS YOU!!

  11. If you put your life out there on a somewhat public forum there will always be people who judge you. It's all a part of blogging. I really like that you've addressed it though :) For the record I read your blog and never once thought you were drinking whilst preg anyway. Not sure why anyone would? I'm pregnant too and I talk about sushi nonstop. Literally as soon as I give birth my husband has orders to get me some sushi! That's the one thing I miss most. That and beer.....

  12. Hi gorgeous!
    I just found your blog
    via Pinterest and omg I LOVE IT!
    you look so beautiful pregnant
    your belly is adorable!

    :) I am glad I found you now
    so I will be able to read your
    posts though out your whole pregnancy!

    I am exited
    I am following you love and if you
    like to visit my blog and follow back <3
    I would love to keep in touch with you


  13. Hi, I really like your blog and enjoy reading about your journey through pregancy. (I'm trying for a baby atm so it's nice to hear the realities of it) Continue to be honest and ignore anyone who tells you what you should or shouldn't do. Talking about alcohol will not harm your baby, who are these people?! Just ignore them, they're not the boss of you.
    Love the way your nursery is shaping up.

    Re the baby's name, my friend didn't share what the name was until the baby was born and it made for a really nice surprise when she told people. It also meant people didn't give their opinions and spoil it. You do what you think is best, we will all be excited to know when the time is right for you!

    Kerry :)

  14. I don't understand why people post negative comments on a blog - if you are offended, then don't come back for the next post! I like the fact that you are keeping it real and not telling the world what it wants to hear! Keep the posts coming!! :)

  15. Seriously? I can't even believe people would be so cruel about the mention of alcohol. They're acting like you're posting pictures of your pregnant self out at a bar when in fact you're talking about the complete opposite! I'm a huge wine-o personally and know that when I'm pregnant and having a bad day, that a glass of wine is going to be greatly missed... we're human. We're allowed to miss it. ESPECIALLY during football season! So like everyone else has said above, take it all with a grain of salt. If they don't like what you have to say, they can mosey on over to another person's blog. I personally love what you have to share. :)

    And no worries about the baby names. In fact since you'll probably be exhausted and not in the mood to write regular posts once she's born, you could always save the name related decor posts for after. Write them up but wait to publish them until later if you're really wanting to keep it mum.

  16. Two things... 1. Where in the world did you get that owl? and 2. People always want to judge and pass their opinion... just take it with a grain of salt. I'm 28 weeks and a vegetarian and was told that my baby would have no bones and never be able to handle the texture of meat??!? My doctor said they were untrue. Good luck! I love your posts!

  17. O'Douls still has alcohol in it. What is wrong with you?

  18. Hey Anonymous, she clearly stated that her doctor has given her clearance, so try and keep your opinions to yourself unless you have a medical degree. Go ahead a read the 17 other posts on here, your cynicism is (I'm sure) neither appreciated nor appropriate.

  19. Wow, people need to get a life. Sheesh! Love your blog and for what it's worth I have wanted a fruity cocktail almost everyday since finding out I was pregnant! A lot of people crave what they can't have. But I'm sure you're over there doing a keg stand right now. lol

  20. I also found your blog on pintrest as I am 18 weeks pregnant myself and enjoy hearing about your adventures. People can suck it. I drink a cup of coffee EVERY day, still eat a touch of sushi (from a very safe place), and love me a cold deli turkey sandwich whenever I damn well please! This is my third pregnancy and know what I'm doing and have my doctor's blessing so you are doing more than fine girl! I've never been much of a drinker, but for some reason it I miss it now that I can't have it LOL! You and your blog are adorable! Keep the updates coming!

  21. There is a big difference between talking about missing alcohol and consuming alcohol. I am almost 17 weeks pregnant and I miss drinking, especially at social gatherings! It doesn't mean Baby Stanley is being exposed to alcohol. Sometimes I smell my husband's beers, though. That's probably weird but I enjoy the smell of beer, especially seasonal brews. I think it is perfectly normal to miss things... More so now that theybare forbidden. I'm happy to do it for Baby Stanley, though. :)

  22. I love that I came across your blog! I'm also from Iowa and I'm due a couple days before you with a baby girl - I can totally relate to a lot of what you are saying! The comments I get the most from people are 'you don't even look pregnant' and it stresses me out to no end because my doctor says everything is perfectly fine and I have no worries! I'm so glad you post pictures of your progress because it makes me feel so much better! If you ever need someone to chat with - I'd love to get in touch.

  23. I like the names:

    My mom eye rolled when I named my baby Maxwell Blackwell. So I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that the baby name doesn't have to please everybody. It just has to make you and your husband smile everytime you say it :)

  24. Just found your blog through Pinterest (totally addicted to that site). I love how real you are in your posts! I am 26 weeks pregnant with our second girl and would kill for a nice glass of wine. Heck, at this point I would take anything! I get a total kick out of reading how much you miss the booze too! You make me feel like I'm not the only one :) You are goin to have so much fun with a girl! Prepare your husband now because the girl stuff is out of control!!!

  25. I do not think it's anyone's place to tell you how to "be pregnant". If you've gotten clearance from your doctor, you're doing just fine. & there's nothing wrong with "missing" alcohol.

    I like the names:
    - Ember
    - Rayne
    - Brinley
    - Arabelle
    - Reagan
    - Kennedy
    - Pagie
    ...I could go on. good luck!!

  26. We are keeping our baby's gender and potential names a secret for a lot of the same reasons. A lot of people believe they're entitled to share their unsolicited opinions when you're about to become a mother for the first time. Plus it's fun to keep people guessing and drive your relatives crazy... =)

  27. Oh and names I like include: Emma, Zoe, Riley, Avery, and Cassidy. My husband and I both really love Emma and Riley. Emma is very, very popular. So we are trying to decide between more "popular/traditional" (Emma) or unconventional (Riley). Riley is ranked #40-something and Emma is ranked #3. We shall see!

    We found out we are having a girl last weekend.

  28. I also saw your pic on Pinterest! I'm 9 weeks along with our first baby, so I like to read your blog so I can see what I have to look forward to :). I miss my booze too, so no worries!!! It's also the realization that my carefree days are coming to a screeching halt! That being said, we're overjoyed and can't wait for this next stage of our lives. My hubby went to Iowa, so we're also Hawkeyes fans...go Hawks!!! Good luck, and here's some names we're considering for a girl... Evelyn "Evie", Lia, Lola, Avery, Arden, Kate, Lila...

  29. I find your honesty refreshing. So many mommy blogs are full of mush and gush it makes me gag!

    I'll have a mimosa on Thanksgiving morning in your honor!

  30. Your blog (especially your chalkboard) is just too cute! I'm 18 wks and I agree with you - the Gap Maternity leggings are so comfy and totally worth the money! If only they had more colors :)

  31. omg i cant believe someone would make a big deal out of you missing alcohol. I am 21 weeks and miss my wine and margaritas terribly! There's nothing wrong with that! Honesty is what readers want to hear...when it there turn they can make their own decisions. Anyhow love your updates and will definitely be checking out those Gap leggings! xo

  32. Obviously these people making their judgmental comments do not know you. Anyone who DOES know you, knows that you have such a great sense of humor when you post the comments too! Since you are not one to let anyone get you down I guess there are no worries there!

    I am very excited for you and cannot wait for the big day!! I miss you sweetie!

    Love you,

    Aunt Christine

  33. I love checking this blog! I love following peoples pregnancy (not in a creepy way) You have such good taste! Your daughter is going to have the cutest things! :]
    I like the names:
    Sawyer - less conventional
    Elliette - Elliot
    Cora - Kora
    Ellis (I like E names can you tell? :])

    Ha ha. a little more than a few! :]
    Good luck with your pregnancy! Im excited to see the rest of your journey! :]

  34. LOL! People are totally ridiculous. It's totally fine to miss a cocktail or glass of wine while pregnant! Ignore the judgmental ones, they are almost always just bored and looking to grate on your nerves.

    For the record, you can drink while breastfeeding. Alcohol leaves breast milk as it leaves the bloodstream so once your little one gets into a good feeding routine it's almost always fine to enjoy a small glass of wine between feedings. In fact, some darker beers are GREAT for let down. My lactation consultant recommended it ;-) They even make little strips you can squirt a drop of milk on to make sure it's booze free if you're worried about drinking and nursing. Check out for more info!

    Love your blog! Looking forward to hearing the name you pick for Baby G!

  35. I have a question on your chalk board idea(I stole it by the way, used an old table top and a piece of sheet rock).

    What kind of chalk do you use, seems to scratch easily.
    have you tried the marker kind of chalk?

    Thanks girl

  36. I don't know how I got this far back in your posts, but since you're an "alcoholic"... you should have given Harper a name that start with a K and kept the middle name Eve so her initials would have been KEG. LOL You know I'm only kidding!

  37. I have been reading your old posts to match where I am at in pregnancy since I don't have any close friends who've been pregnant before...AND because I never thought I'd ever be able to identify with anyone about missing alcohol! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate that. :)