Monday, November 7, 2011

24 Weeks

How far along? 24 Weeks
Total weight gain: almost 17 lbs! WHOA MAMA. Yes, that  means I gained almost 6 lbs. this month... thank you Halloween.
Maternity clothes? as you can see in this pic I am still trying to squeeze into my old favorite UnderAmour shirt for the IOWA Game. Clearly it is not working out.

Stretch marks? Not yet, but I have a baaaaaad feeling that strange brown line is about to make it's debut below my belly button. Should probably host a contest for someone to help me name it (keep in mind.. husband is very scared of it)
Sleep: still sleeping great
Best moment this week:  Hearing at my 24 week appointment that everything is still looking good & going smoothly! I just feel so lucky & blessed that my pregnancy has been so great so far.. let's hope we can say the same about the labor! :)

Miss Anything? the clear winner... cocktails! already thinking about a mimosa-less thanksgiving morning
Movement: more & more each day!
Food cravings: still sweets & fruit - should probably work on fulfilling my fruit craving more than my sweets craving if I don't want to gain 50 lbs.
Anything making you queasy or sick: apparently eating an entire bag of grapes wasn't the best idea..but otherwise, no
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: I thought it would be good to add in a "symptoms" line item - this way I can document that I started having round ligament pain, rib pain & a hefty case of "swollen ankles" right around this time.
Belly Button in or out? In-ish
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY
Looking forward to: the crib will be arriving this week! So excited to see it in the room! We also ordered a new leather ottoman/coffee table to replace our hardwood one that we currently have - that will be here this week as well! I will need to take some pics & share a little house tour soon! :)


  1. That is called a pregnancy line. It's the guide that the doctor will use to measure the baby in the last couple weeks to see if you're measuring at the correct week or farther along or not as far along. You will get it but sometimes they're lighter than other times. So tell you husban it's a good thing to get! :) you're looking adorable by the way. And your shirt is fine. I wore stuff like that my whole pregnancy and just wore long shirts underneath and it looked cute. Plus I was 2x bigger than you by this point!! But my boy was good size.

  2. so glad that im not the only one who has gained 17 lbs and am 24 weeks as well. it nice to see other expecting mothers and hear what they are going threw and how you are feeling. you so cute by the way!

  3. Sounds like your pregnancy has been great! You look lovely and I can't imagine how excited you must be!


  4. I just wanted to write and say that I LOVE reading your blog every week. I check it all the time to see if you posted a new one :) I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I love comparing what your week was like compared to mine! I hope you're having tons of fun getting the nursery ready and buying all those baby clothes! We find out next month what we are having and I just cannot wait to go on a shopping spree!

  5. My blog is

  6. You're such a cute preggo lady! I hope I am half as cute one day! Love checking in to see if you've posted anything new! :)

  7. I love your blog, I check it regularly, but I have been wondering, any thoughts on your new baby girl's name?! :)

  8. Thank you for being so dang honest about missing cocktails! It's like when women get pregnant, they never drank or even think about drinking. I will def NOT be one of those! Thank you!!!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! such a cute idea! I'm a week behind you. :) Due March 8 with a precious little girl also! I loved reading that cinnamon was a craving for you lol i'm LOVING cinnamon rolls right now and this week I'm at a weight gain of 15.5 lbs. :) I hope your pregnancy continues to go well and your family enjoys the holidays! I miss my cocktails so much!

  10. Just stumbled across your blog. This is a cute idea and you look beautiful!