Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nursery Layout & Changing Table Find!

More nursery planning! Brandon & I took the tape measure upstairs and started mapping out where everything will go, so that we could decide what type of furniture we would be looking for in terms of a changing table & dresser.
Based on the layout of the room, we decided to go for a long changing table & then a smaller dresser with some shelves above it. Here is the basic layout of the room & planned placement of all the furniture.

I knew I wanted to repurpose something as a changing table, I wanted something bigger with closed doors and not shelving for baskets.  For only $100, we scored this awesome buffet table on craigslist!! Granted, we did have to drive to the ghetttttto of Atlanta to retrieve it, BUT well worth it. I love how it is big enough for a changing pad plus room for other stuff on top, and there are shelves inside the sliding doors so we have plenty of room for storage. AND I can vacuum under it! :)

The plan is to paint it white & replace the hardware - woohoo for it only having two so I wont feel bad buying some $18 fancy shmancy knobs from anthropologie! :)  I plan to do a gallery wall above the table & put a fun tray of other necessities on top like the adorable set up below! 

{image via lay baby lay}


  1. I have sooo much to say. :) I keep checking your blog on my ipad where I hate typing, so I'm finally getting to the regular computer! A) ummm, how cute are YOU!? I mean seriously. I can't wait to see you with a big belly! :) B) I'm LOVING what you're onto here w/ the nursery. It's going to be perfect! Also check out THIS nursery that I was in love with for it's funky fun feel. I used the same lady off etsy she did, for my bedding (i can email you her shop).

    (and she's probably my favorite photographer EVER, so get ready to be wowed). C) Are you NOT on pinterest??! To be cataloging all of these awesome pictures and ideas!??! Get on it STAT!! You will wonder how you lived w/out it?!

    I think that's all for now. You are DARLINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. And kinda make me sick with your cute prego tiny-ness. :)

    This dumb thing is NOT letting me sign in! This is PAIGE btw!!

  2. OH OH OH, and please check out her maternity book too. Being the graphic artist you are, YOU.WILL.DIE.

  3. Can't wait to come down and help decorate the nursery for my little grandchild. And of course fill the closet full of clothes and shoes (boy or girl) lots of shoes.

  4. Jessica!! Just saw your blog from pinterest! You are soo cute, and I'm loving your ideas!!

    So quick question I have been wanting to map out my kids bedrooms. How did you make your map? Gonna stalk your blog some more!!