Friday, August 5, 2011

Giraffe Love

I'm not really sure what the general rules are as to how long you are supposed to wait until you start buying baby stuff...But I can not stop buying Giraffe stuff!! I know that I don't want the nursery to be themey in any way, but all of the adorable Giraffe baby goodies out there just melt my heart!

My first ever baby purchase came from Von Maur. This is the BestEver Giraffe Play Mat. It is sooooo soft & snuggly, I wanted to put it in my own bed! I can just picture it in the middle of the floor in the nursery, perfect for decoration & tummy time!

Next purchase, the famous Sophie the Giraffe. This is the cutest, most adorable teether that I've ever seen!! I literally thought it was just for decoration when I first saw it, but turns out it is one of the best baby teethers in the world. Their website has all sorts of other Sophie products, there's a good chance I will have purchased all of them by February.

And my most recent purchase which I love SO MUCH, the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe.  It is a stuffed toy that plays peaceful sounds to help babies sleep. There are a bunch of different soothing sound options, along with a TIMER & a little velcro strap on the back so you can take it on the go, hooked on to the back of a stroller or carseat.

So turns out, the time I drunkenly fed & got my picture taken with a Giraffe at the zoo on an Iowa Hawkeye Gameday reall stuck with me! :)


  1. Why am I just now seeing this and didn't know this?? I remember that day. I was patiently waiting for you, a beer in each hand, and you come strolling in with pics from the zoo. I miss you, tons

  2. I have of those giraffes for my little man and LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! Sophie is the best chew toy to ever be invented! The soother giraffe still works for my 15 month old son. And I still use that mat for when we change his diaper on the floor of his bedroom... plus it's such a cute decoration! :)

  3. I just discovered your blog thru pinterest! You are so adorable!
    I am a new mommy myself of almost a 9 month old girl, Elle Grace.
    We love Sophie the Giraffe. It goes everywhere with us. Its like a second child.
    Stop by my blog when you have a chance. Its full of random things that inspire me but I have a lot of favorite baby items on my blog that you might like.
    Can't wait to follow your journey and to see if you will have a little man or a little lady! Enjoy the journey! It goes by so fast expect for weeks 37-delivery! lol- Heidi

  4. I just found this blog and am in love. I am obsessed with giraffes and plan to paint one wall of my little one's nursery with giraffe spots. i also registered for the giraffe matt and for Sophie. Do you find that Harper likes Sophie (I've heard good things). Thanks for sharing your journey!