Friday, April 29, 2016

Sweet as Sugar // Mini Style with June & January

Sweet as sugar, baby! We are sharing a few of our favorite styles again with our friends June & January, who are launching their brand new romper play suits today! My girls wear their styles all the time, rompers & black and white stripes forever!!!
Popsicle Coin Purse // Root Beer Floats Tank 

Their new line of playsuits launched today & we can't wait to get our hands on them!! Like our cute babies need to be any sweeter, but their basics pair so well with things like graphic tanks, sunglasses & cute coin purses.

Sending all of our love, and lots of super fun vibes from my birthday weekend in VEGAS!!! Have the best weekend, friends!! XO

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is just around the corner, I'm already looking for a relaxing day with my girls & hopefully a face full of strawberry pancakes and mimosas for breakfast! We are usually pretty casual about Mother's day & Father's day around here, we do small, thoughtful gifts, and try to spend the day all together doing what we love most. I do have lots of special moms in my life, my own, my mother in law, and tons of sweet friends who I always want to celebrate on a special day like this. So putting together a little round up of Mother's Day gift ideas, things that are always on my wishlist, or on my radar for gifting.

Cake Stand // Floral Phone Case // Best Candle Ever
 Mom All Day Tee (15% off with code momallday!)
Watercolor Family Portrait // Brightening Face Mask // Druzy Necklace // Personalized Stationery

In addition, a few more things I think every mom would also really love on Mother's day:
1. No tantrums, no sweeping, & no running out of wine.
2. None of my kids to eat anything they shouldn't, including but not limited to, stale food found on the floor, crayons, chapstick or lady bugs.
3. Everyone to sleep in until at least 7:45 am, maybe 10:15.
4. A pedicure. Or maybe just eleven minutes alone to paint your own nails & let them dry.

5. Did we mention not running out of wine?

Who's with me? :) But really, isn't every day mother's day. Each and every one of those tough, trying moments are followed by sweet kisses & snuggles that you never want to end. And at the end of the day, we should feel like warriors! ;) Cheers to all of you mamas, you are an inspiration to me & as always, I can't thank you enough for reading! XO

Monday, April 25, 2016

Eloise's 2nd Birthday Puppy Party

This weekend was Eloise's 2nd birthday, and per her request & love of puppies, we had a puppy party!!

I have been so excited to plan this party because I just knew she was going to be obsessed with it. And the minute she walked in & saw the big basket of stuffed pups, she yelled "PUP-PUPS!? YAAAY!" The ultimate cutest.

I found this most amazing artwork on Pinterest years ago, and have been in LOVE with it ever since. I always hoped I would find a use for it, and once we decided on a puppy theme, I knew I had to go track it down. The print is by the talented Emily Nelson Art, we had it printed as an oversized poster to use as a backdrop & another smaller size to cut out individual puppy faces for the straws. It was definitely the highlight of the party decor for me, I just love stuff like that! I sent the print over to Glam Fete and had a custom garland made, and loved how it made the colors come to life! The "Adopt a Puppy" garland was a super easy DIY made out of, you guessed it, brown paper bags. :)

I also fell in love with the vintage dalmatian natural rubber baby toys from Oli & Carol, and was so excited to snag five of them for the tabletop. We used one as a cake topper (which Eloise went NUTS for) & set the rest out next to each place setting, which was made up of cute kraft paper plates & polka dotted "puppy bowls" that the kids ate cake & ice cream out of. We also had a hot dog bar, with extra ketchup of course, Eloise's favorite! ;)

The girls played with balloons, stuffed puppies & had a good old fashioned game of fetch with their pretzel sticks. Eloise loved her new trike, but I think Harper loved it even more! ;) It was the most perfect day, beautiful weather & a seriously happy little two year old. Two months until we are celebrating Claire's first birthday, I definitely need to take a party throwing breather! Have a great week, friends!! XO

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Eve, Eloise Ruby!

Our little Eloise is turning TWO tomorrow, I can hardly believe it!! Time has gone by so much faster with each baby, and these back to back birthdays are truly a reminder that each of these precious days with our little girls are numbered.

Eloise has always been our wild girl, but that also makes all of her emotions extra big, including how she loves. From her very first smile, we always said she gives it all she's got, her whole face lights up. She runs with open arms into every hug, is the first to pucker up for a kiss & tells everyone she loves them "too much!" which just fits her so well. She tries our patience & pushes our buttons, but then turns on the charm & makes us forget all about it. She loves her sissies. She follows Harper's every move & wants to be just like her, but is always looking out for baby Claire & trying to take care of her. She is the little comedian in our house too, she always knows when she is being funny & will do anything to make us all laugh. She is both a mama's girl & a daddy's girl, wherever there is love to give, she is first in line.

I've bonded differently with each of our girls, and would probably say that I bonded the quickest & easiest with Eloise from the day she was born. She was the birth that I was least nervous for, I sorta felt like I knew what to expect the second time around so I was just ready right from the start to have that newborn baby girl in my arms. She is also the most like me, in both looks & personality, so on days that she is challenging, I can only blame myself! ;) This baby girl has stolen our hearts, day after day, and we can't believe she is turning two tomorrow!

Nothing will quite bring you to tears like scrolling back through pictures of your babies, if I go missing for the rest of the afternoon, it's because I have climbed inside Eloise's crib to nap with her.

Her birthday party is Sunday, but tomorrow we plan to spoil her with a fun breakfast, playing at the soccer field & surprising her with some new wheels! We got her this radio flyer trike to match Harper's so she can ride it when we go for walks, she is going to be so excited! ;) She has been singing happy birthday to herself all morning, and when I asked her what she wanted she told me she wanted a coffee & a puppy named bingo-bongo. And that really couldn't sum her up any better!
Eloise, words couldn't even come close to explaining how much we love you. The happiness & love you bring to our family is out of this world, we are so blessed to call you ours!
Happy Birthday Eve, weezy squeezy! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Beauty Favorites + Eyelash Extensions

I have been working on an updated beauty favorites post for a while now & wanted to share a few of the things I am currently using & loving. I have used a lot of the same things for years, which you can find in this post, but over the last year or so I have tried lots of new things, and there are a handful that are totally worth sharing. With anything skincare or makeup related, I usually don't try them unless someone else has recommended it, or if I have a chance to try it first in the store before purchasing. I would love to know what your very favorites are!

Tula Exfoliating Mask & Hydrating Cream // I recently tried this mask after reading wonderful things about this brand & I absolutely love it. My skin is crazy sensitive so I am always weary of trying new skincare regimens, this is super gentle on my skin but also does wonders for my complexion & how soft my skin feels after using.
Glow Time BB Cream // The BB cream that I have used for years was recently discontinued, so I have been looking for a replacement for the last few months. I tried this in the store & immediately loved it!! It is full coverage, which I normally don't go for, but it's very lightweight & not too overpowering, and I love that I don't even feel the need to put on concealer when I wear it. I like to apply it with my Bare Minerals brush to get the most even look. Also, it smells good, and that never happens! I use the lightest color
Mac Lipglass // Favorite nude lip glosses ever, I usually buy them two at a time because I always get scared they're going to stop making it. My favorites are Florabundance, Underage & Myth.
L'Oreal Eyeliner // I have used this for years, it is liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. It is so easy to apply & you can make your lines as thin or thick as you'd like. Plus, super affordable!
Honest Lip Balm // Chapstick addicts unite. This is one of my very favorites, it is organic which I like since the kids always want some, and it comes in a three pack.
Nars Bronzer // I have also been using this for years, I love the super subtle bronze that never looks orange. I use Laguna, and also love the duo pack with Orgasm blush.

And last, but very not least, my eyelash extensions! I have gotten a ton of emails & questions about them, so I wanted to share a bit about the process & maintenance of them. My eyes have always been so bothered by mascara, and I feel like every time I wash off makeup, no matter how gentle I am, I lose tons of eyelashes. So I have wanted to try extensions for years! Here is a before & after picture wearing no makeup, other than lip gloss. Try to look past those crazy baby hairs growing all around my part!

They are amazing for so many reasons, the most obvious being waking up with gorgeous lashes & never needing to apply mascara! This is especially amazing for when you don't wear makeup, which I don't most of the time during the week. Lash extensions look so natural, but you can get them as long or as curled as you like if you want them to be a bit more bold. The only downfalls, are of course that they are a bit pricey & they do take an hour or so for application. Although I don't know many moms who would complain about laying down with their eyes closed for an hour! ;) Depending on your natural lash growth, you would need to get them filled every 3-4 weeks. Overall, they're so fun & I have loved having them. If you're local, I went to Anastasia at Blink & Wink Salon in Atlanta & highly recommend them!! She truly takes so much pride in her work & does an amazing job.

If you have any questions, or of course any great beauty product recs, be sure to share in the comments!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Powder Bath Refresh

I am so excited to share a super fun DIY project today that we have been working on for the last few weeks. A few years ago, we painted our downstairs powder bathroom a shade of dark navy, which I loved, but we eventually grew a bit tired of. So, after we had the entire main floor painted a few weeks ago, we knew we wanted to give the bathroom a facelift as well. Soooo, we did!!

We were super excited to discover a fun alternative to just painting the room, and it's not your mama's wallpaper! ;) You know I can't resist a good black & white pattern, so this Chasing Paper peel & stick wallpaper had my name written all over it. Since the space is so small, it's easy to feel like you can go bold, which we certainly did! 

We installed a new light fixture a few years ago, which we love, but wanted to still replace the mirror since the one previously in the space was too large. After searching high & low, I came across this perfect brass circle mirror at Target, and couldn't get it in my cart fast enough after I saw the price tag was under $50! 

I moved a piece of art from Claire's room to temporarily fill the space while I search for something, or maybe something new for her room, I am in a constant state of undecided when it comes to art. ;) We also got rid of the traditional towel bar for a fun monogrammed towel hook, I love it so much more & it makes the room feel so much more custom!

Wallpaper c/o Chasing Paper // Round Mirror (10% off with code SPRINGHOME) // Monogrammed Towel Hook // Light Fixture

And yep, you guessed it, I totally want to wallpaper EVERYTHING now. It was surprisingly so easy to install, as it comes in small 2x4 sheets and can be pulled back off the wall easily if you mess it up, we did almost all of it in a few short hours! A huge thank you to my super sweet sister in law for her help, it does take quite a bit of patience, slow & steady wins the race! ;)

So, current state of affairs over here, all three girls are getting over colds & I am (somewhat) enjoying my very last day in my TWENTIES! Brandon has the day off work, and there is wine + good weather, so not too shabby for a Monday.
Hope you all have found a little inspiration here in this post & enjoy the week ahead! XO

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

4moms High Chair Giveaway + Toddler Snack Favorites

Our friends at 4moms sent us their brand new high chair to test out & review, and I have been patiently waiting to share it with you all! You know we have been huge fans of their brand for years, they really think outside the box when it comes to baby products, so I couldn't wait to see how innovative this high chair was going to be. And it did not disappoint! 

A few key points on what makes this high chair so great. The tray is magnetic, so not only is it so easy to put on and off (don't worry, it still latches in a way that your kids cannot take it off while they're in it), but the top is magnetic too! 4moms makes compatible bowls & plates that will stick right to the tray to prevent your kiddos from flipping them over. Genius, right?! :)

The design is simple & modern, which I love, but it is also so functional. Eloise can climb up the steps on her own to get into it & we can adjust the height depending on which one of the girls is in it at the time. I love how wide the tray is, as opposed to our other high chair, some larger plates don't fit on it, and the entire thing is super easy to clean. 4moms hit a home run with this chair, and we are so thankful to have been able to be one of the first to test it out! But now, it's your turn to win one of your own!!! Head on over to my Instagram page @jlgarvin to enter, winner will be announced on Friday!

Also, on the topic of high chairs, I thought I would share a little update on a few of the things going on in our kitchen lately. Mainly, everyone's favorite, SNACKS! ;) If my kids could eat pirate's booty for every snack of the day, they totally would, but I try to save that strictly for when we are out & about because it's so easy to toss a few bags into my diaper bag. But at home, snack time can be a challenge, especially in trying to get the kids to eat something on the healthier side. So here are five of our favorite snacks that the girls are loving lately, and I'm usually not opposed to snacking on as well!
1. Apples + peanut butter. If I slice them in big flat circles, the girls will put their own peanut butter on with a spoon & like to add raisins or chocolate chips to "decorate them." Messy, but a favorite.
2. Carrots + hummus. This is seriously my kids' favorite food, they're really into dipping anything into anything, so this works for them.
3. Greek yogurt + a scoop of Nutella. If you've ever wondered how to get your kids to gulp down healthy greek yogurt, just add a small scoop of Nutella & mix it together. Add a crushed graham cracker on top and it turns into dessert!
4. Sesame seed pretzels (you can find them at most grocery stores) + cucumber slices. Something about the salty + cold, refreshing combo, my girls go nuts for them.
5. Fruit smoothies. I feel like we go in waves with making smoothies, but right now all of the fruit at our local stores is so fresh it's hard not to want to buy it all up & make everything with it. I buy whatever is on sale & throw it in the freezer for when we are ready to make smoothies, our favorite right now is frozen strawberries & peaches, with two ripe bananas & a splash of milk. And if you add in a handful of spinach, your kids will never even know! ;) 

Never a dull moment in our kitchen! Now go enter our giveaway, and have a great evening!! XO