Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day in the Life

I love reading about what other people's days look like as they stay home with their kids, especially those who are small business owners or working from home. We have a pretty good schedule going right now, all of which will be flipped upside down when baby number three arrives in a few months, but for now, here is a glimpse of our typical weekday as Harper is three & Eloise is eleven months.

I wake up around 6:30, just as Brandon is about to head out the door, so I have a few minutes to make some coffee & chat with him (while attempting to fully wake up) before the girls start bouncing off the walls. They are both up by seven, and start the day watching Mickey on the couch with their milks.We are breakfast people, and our mornings are always pretty slow since Eloise still takes a morning nap, so I usually make some pancakes or french toast with fruit/yogurt while they play in the playroom.

If the weather is nice, we will play on the back porch for a little bit or go for a walk, and Eloise normally goes down for her nap by 10. While she is sleeping, Harper & I have one on one time, and she gets to play with all her big kid toys, everything with little pieces or messy stuff like paint & markers. Lately her favorite has been cupcake parties with her girls, Minnie & Minnie (yep, a tutu & Minnie headband on Mickey). We dress them up, decorate our cupcakes, sing happy birthday, rinse & repeat. I usually fit in a quick shower while Harper plays & then get her dressed so we can go somewhere when Eloise wakes up.

Our local bookstores & libraries offer story hours, which is fun for Harper but Eloise isn't a fan of sitting still for very long. Sometimes we go to the park, meet friends to play or grab lunch somewhere. Have you all heard of chic-fil-a mom valet? You can order your food through the drive thru, let them know you're doing mom valet & how many high chairs, placemats, etc. that you'll need, then once you park, you can come inside & they will have a table already set up for you with what you ordered. It's pretty amazing!! I think most locations do it, but it has made lunch outings so much easier for us! Sometimes we just run errands or go to the grocery store, both kids love it if they get to ride in the "cool cart" with steering wheels & share a box of goldfish! ;) Some of their favorite lunches are turkey sandwiches with carrots & hummus, or sliced cucumbers for Eloise. We eat a lot of leftover pasta for lunch, and will definitely eat outside if we can to avoid the cleanup afterwards!
Nothing beats good weather when you have toddlers, it really is a breath of fresh air.

For the most part, Harper has dropped her afternoon nap, Eloise sleeps from 2-4:30 or so, while Harper has quiet time. I try to prep dinner & get most of my work done at this time, even if that means dragging my laptop outside while she does sidewalk chalk! ;) Sometimes we are lazy & take a nap on the couch or watch a movie, but it's really my only down time so I try to take advantage of it the best I can. When Eloise wakes up, the girls have snacks & then try their hardest to destroy the playroom & rest of the house before Brandon comes home. I start dinner around 5:30, and it is usually a total circus at this point, Eloise wants to be held non stop towards the end of the day. The girls usually play in the kitchen while I finish cooking & Brandon gets home around 6:15ish. We eat, we clean & we usually have a quick dance party or go grab an ice cream cone before the girls get in the tub around 7:30. They both love bath time, so if it has been a crazy day or I am home by myself, they sometimes have an extra long bath, with colored bath bombs, bath markers & lots of bubbles. I add a little lavender essential oil to the tub too which seems to help them get into sleepy mode! Brandon puts Eloise to bed while Harper & I pick up her room, and then she watches 15-20 minutes of a movie to wind down before bed. Then one of us reads her stories & does her prayers before putting her to bed by 8:30 or so.

And that's a wrap!!! It really is so exhausting, and most of our days feel thirty five hours long. I seem to always look away at just the right moment, long enough for Eloise to dump cat water on her head and for Harper to toss a rice cake on the floor & stomp it into a million little pieces. But this is my dream job, staying home with my babies, doing a little work on the side & having the freedom to be creative as a mom & somewhat-artist. Even though some days I question if I am really cut out for this! The trick to doing it all, is not doing it all! Yes, one day we may have pretty pancakes & the girls may have coordinating outfits, but another day we eat peanut butter & bananas for every meal & nobody changes out of their pajamas. But we take it one messy-happy-chaotic day at a time! :)

Now spill it, what are your tips & tricks to your long days in toddler town?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Mama Style

You know me & my love of neutrals, and this Spring, my style favorites are no exception. I have never owned white jeans before, but lately all of my favorite inspiration comes from white jean styles. Here is a round up of some of the pieces that I am loving!

I love those jeweled leather sandals & the price can not be beat, they were selling out so fast online that I ended up ordering them for store pickup. I also love this pair, which works out since they are buy one, get one half off. Those wedges would be the splurge of a lifetime for me but I am obsessed with them!! I love nude colored shoes, and wedges are always my favorite because they still allow for chasing kids around!

These linen tees are a Spring staple, if you're like me & most often wearing a basic tee with jeans, you'll want to get your hands on one of these. I picked up one in the store the other night & the material is amazing, of course the heather grey is my favorite! I don't wear a ton of jewelry but have been loving long necklaces lately since most of my maternity shirts are so plain. It's a fun way to dress up an outfit while still being able to just take it off when little hands start getting grabby! ;)

What are your favorite Spring styles & trends this year?!

Monday, March 23, 2015

First Weekend of Spring

We had friends visiting this weekend from Iowa & California for a baby shower that we hosted at our house. Our good friends are due with their first baby boy at the end of April, shortly after Eloise's birthday. We were able to get our hammocks out, which made the girls very happy, Harper was more excited about using sticks as princess wands but Eloise loves swinging! It was the perfect first weekend of Spring, a house full of our favorite people & lots of sunshine!

white embroidered dress is vintage, similar styles here & here.

We hit up a local Mexican restaurant with friends while my parents stayed with the girls after we put them to bed, did a little shopping at the new outdoor mall near us & had a giant group breakfast at the Pancake House before everyone flew home. Always so much fun & thanks again to all of our friends for coming to visit!! 

Spring has me feeling so refreshed & inspired, I have lots of fun stuff to share this week & hopefully a few new prints going up in the shop. We also have a summer line of koozies on their way, and yes I can't wait to float in the pool after baby girl arrives with a cold one of my own! Hope you all had an amazing weekend!! XO

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easter Mini Styles

We have had Easter on the mind for weeks now, it is one of my favorite holidays (wait, aren't they all?) for so many reasons. I love that Harper will be able to participate in some of the activities at our church this year, along with a few fun Easter egg hunts & we will have family coming in town as well. I've rounded up some of my favorite festive Easter styles, hoping you will find a little inspiration for your little bunnies! And boy moms, remember that little Hop Sweatshirt that Eloise was wearing the other day, that is straight from the boy's section! I love it paired with these bright yellow pants, that are even cuter in person, or maybe layered with a chambray baby blazer.

Floral Tunic Dress // Grey & White Flutter Dress // Gold Bunny Tee // Pink Sequin Bunny Sweater // Bunny Ear Headband // Gold Glitter Shoes

Now, my sweet Harper & her hilarious obsession with polar bears. She comes into the kitchen with Eloise's bunny ear headband on, looks me dead in the face & says "mom. do these bunny ears make me look like a polar bear?"

Bunny Ear Headband // Lace Dot Capelet c/o Joyfolie

I could not stop laughing. I wish I had taken a picture of her entire outfit too, she had two skirts, pajama pants & a pair of high heel plastic shoes, all part of her adventures in dressing herself.
She is so excited for Easter this year, I just know it's going to be a magical one!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

We always celebrate every holiday with a festive breakfast, I think it is a fun & easy way to get your kids excited about something & it sets the mood for the day. I have been wanting to try a homemade poptart recipe for years, so I decided it would be a fun shamrock style breakfast. I made the dough the night before, super easy & quick, then just rolled it out and put it in between two sheets of wax paper. In the morning, we just cut them out, filled them with some raspberry jam & put them in the oven. Harper loves to frost & decorate our baked goods, so she was a happy camper!! She concentrates so hard, it cracks me up. Eloise could have cared less, she just wanted a banana.

One of the book stores near us had a St. Patty's Day story hour & craft time for kids, so we met some friends there and grabbed lunch after. And sent silly selfies to dad while he was in New York for meetings. Eloise is loving life right now, maybe all she ever wanted this whole time was to walk? I am convinced she hated being a baby.

Green Dress & Glitter Headband, old from J.Crew Outlet // Gold Bow Dress // Shamrock Hair Clip 
We ended the night with Brandon coming home just in time for the girls' bedtime. He scared the shit out of us by bursting in early during bath time, but we forgive him because he brought ice cream. ;) So we made the most of the amazing weather & hung out on the patio in our pajamas for a bit. The first thing Harper told him when he came in was "good job for wearing green!", she get it from her mama!

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day filled with lots of love & luck! XO

Monday, March 16, 2015

Five Month Bump

I am 24 weeks pregnant now, so technically in my sixth month, and just now getting a chance to share my four & five month chalkboards. I know, get with the program right?! So before I share my six month chalkboard, here are these + a little update!

How far along: 24 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 15+ lbs.
Maternity clothes: Wearing mostly maternity clothes or comfy sweats around the house. Warm weather means lots of dresses, I am still loving my Andie Pants (pictured below) & grabbed a pair of maternity shorts on sale for summer (and most likely for post-baby belly as well).
Sleep: Still sleeping great.
Best moment this month: Celebrating Harper's 3rd birthday, and even though it was so bittersweet, it really makes me excited to know we have another brand new baby on the way to start all over again with firsts.
Worst moment this month: Feeling overwhelmed as Brandon traveled a ton these last few weeks. I think kids at any age are going to have their challenges, but sometimes all of those challenges consume both kids & the walls definitely feel like they're closing in! It is a constant struggle to balance parenting, spending time with Brandon when he is home, working, blogging, cleaning, having fun & anything else that is left, and when I think about adding another baby to the mix? My head spins a little. I think month five is always the freak out month, so hoping it will pass! 
Miss anything: Things are getting a little uncomfortable over here as the belly is getting bigger, making it hard to climb at the playground with the kids, lean into the tub to give baths, etc. and I definitely miss being able to do that all with ease. I could also really go for a margarita, I blame it on the Mexican food cravings & warm weather.
Movement: Lots of kicks, flips & hiccups!
Cravings: Lemonade, strawberries & Mexican food.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good. Second trimester is where it's at.
Looking forward to: Excited to get started on baby girl's nursery, painting & putting together some new furniture. And maybe picking a name one of these days? So far, Harper's suggestion of Snow White is a front runner. ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve!! XO

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's definitely Friday the 13th over here. And not in the popcorn-eating-scary-movie-watching sense. Both girls woke up with the sniffles, ahhhhgain, we've had tantrums, a plate of food thrown across the kitchen & no naps all around. But with sunshine & warm weather in the weekend forecast, I can focus on the positives. Plus, how can you not be happy with this little face? Yes, she is as wild as her hair.

I can't believe St. Patrick's Day is next week. Although I am definitely sad that there will be no green beer in my near future, I am excited to make some fun green treats with the girls this weekend. These Lucky Charm Marshmallow Bars look delicious, especially since I have been on a rice krispie treat kick lately. Yum!! We will definitely have to get out our shamrock cookie cutters, Harper's favorite!

Harper favorites! I know we are long overdue for Harper's three year update, but lately we have been hitting the jackpot on fun activities for her. She has dropped her afternoon nap for the most part, so we are always looking for quiet activities to do together while Eloise is sleeping. These Melissa & Doug Sweet Treats Sticker Pads are SO GREAT. They keep her occupied forever & are really adorable. We have been huge fans of these Water Wow Paint Kits as well, the alphabet one has been amazing for helping her write out her letters & they are baby friendly for when Eloise gets her little hands on them. We were also recently introduced to My Sweet Muffin who sent us these amazing Star Counting Blocks, which have been such a big hit & I can not get over how cute they are. Harper is always so excited to play with them during Eloise's nap, she loves to line them up like dominos & then watch them tumble over. It is taking her patience to a whole new level! ;)

These boyfriend jeans are a steal right now with 30% additional off the sale price. I love a good pair of ripped jeans for Spring/Summer! And a little denim mini-match, this is the cutest one piece romper, it is way prettier in person than it is online, I can't wait to put it on Eloise once it is warmer. I love pieces like this because they go with everything, you can mix & match accessories which is the fun part!

And last, who else is excited for the new Cinderella movie?! I always tear up when I see the previews, which could totally just be pregnancy hormones. I am debating taking Harper, mostly so she can see the Frozen short, but I am undecided about whether or not she would be too young for the movie. Thoughts? If any of you take your three year olds, please let me know what they thought!! It would be her first movie ever, maybe I'm crazy. Hope you all have a great weekend!!! XO